"Three-in-One Courtyard",Architect's Holiday House

Vacation houses meet the dual needs of reunion and independence at the same time. In the extreme state, everyone in the family-male host, hostess, children and guests can have their completely independent world, which may be an ultimate fantasy for vacation in this information explosion era. With the company of good wine, the garden is lightened up with casual atmosphere and blossoms.

Store of the light

The sun is a beautiful word. It is always bright, warm, and youthful, and shines on everything in the world. It embodies all people's love for life, passion for ideals, longing for love and pursuit of freedom. But often, people who are lost in cities don't notice the sun rising as usual every day. This is a daily poetic place to remind people to look at the sun.

HOuse beyond the time

We use light to simulate the water in karst landform. Just like the profile of karst landform, light flows into space like water, which is also the beginning of dialogue with mountains and rivers. The cloister like an art gallery collects folk art from Guizhou. The wild and rough original charm makes the Regional Humanities and nature integrate and collide again, and extends the spiritual connotation of the living space.

Public rental apartment
by the sea

This is an affordable rental housing design for Generation Z, who have a distinct personality, a focus on experience, and a desire to be respected by the world. The design minimizes the "feeling of temporary" of the rental housing and packs more "sense of ritual" into the 40-square-meter unit. The general material collocation of seaside holiday house brings people a feeling of gentleness as the sea breeze and soft beach.

Wall house

The house used to be a hardcover delivery apartment with four-bedroom and one-living-room. The big living room is a poetic blank in former design, thus leading to the contrast between big living-room and small bedroom. Wei Qian and Liu Yuan hope that there would be enough space for two children to play games while reflecting the charm of their hometown’s native landscape. Firstly, we should break the distance sense of a living-room of 50 square meters with a wall of 6 meters like mountain in Guilin city, on the top of which is platforms and steps and on the bottom is caves and ball-sea, while in the front is extended bar and roaring slide and in the back is cat-cave and drawbridge.

1/16 shanghai old villa

This remaining 1/16 of the house was located on the third level of the house, initially designed to be a master bedroom; its later occupants added basic facilities for kitchen and bathroom functioning so that the level itself could serve as an independent living unit. The space is only 1/16 of the old house and the large family, however will bear the full weight of 100% of the couple’s love and passion. It is the start of a brand new life embarking from the old life fragments. The idea of design is to implant a rectangular box into the space, as the most efficient solution to functioning and also a grand gesture of having the new growing inside the old.

Sinan Mansion

The historical evolution of Sinan residence began in 1920. This year, along the Rue Lafayette (now Fuxing Middle Road) in the south of "French garden" (now Fuxing Park), the first batch of garden mansions rose. In the following ten years, garden houses in the south of Lafayette Road, the east of route Massenet road and the west of Avenue Dubai road have been built successively, attracting a large number of military and political dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and famous artists at that time, This made this area the residence and gathering place of the upper class society at that time.

house within 13 steps

The Jade and Exquisite Study is a visiting spot in the Surging Waves Pavilion in Suzhou. Three rooms connect diagonally with each other in the end of zigzagging walkway. The sequence of repeat makes diagonal room more spacious (because they can be used as either three separate rooms or one combined). In the same way is the house transformed. First, the porch, the entrance hall and the grand’s room compose a prototype of the Jade and Exquisite Study so that the sight distance is prolonged from 1.7m to 6.2m.